Bed Bug Services in Durham, NC

At Lelia’s Cleaning Service, Inc., our home cleaners specialize in comprehensive bed bug cleanup services, ensuring that your home becomes pest-free and safe once again. Our thorough approach ensures that every step is taken to eradicate bed bugs and prevent their return.

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Bed Bug Services

Our bed bug preparation service is designed to address bed bug infestations effectively. Here’s a breakdown of the steps involved in our process:

  1. Clothing and Linens Collection: Our experienced team will carefully collect all clothing and linens from closets and drawers. We seal them securely to ensure any bed bugs are contained, and then transport them to be washed.
  2. Curtain Removal and Linen Sealing: We take down all curtains in the affected area and seal them before laundering. Additionally, all linens are sealed to maintain their cleanliness throughout the treatment process.
  3. Disposal of Infested Items: Any items that may be affected by bed bugs, such as mattresses, box springs, rugs, fabric-covered couches and chairs, and certain curtains, are disposed of properly to remove any potential infestation source.
  4. Bedbug and Roach Treatment: We collaborate with the trusted experts at Clegg’s Pest Control for effective treatment procedures. They employ a combination of heat treatment and targeted sprays to eliminate bed bugs and roaches. While they carry out their pest control measures, we continue with the preparations.
  5. Laundering and Sealing: Our residential cleaning team diligently handles the laundering of all clothing, linens, and curtains. To eliminate any remaining bed bugs, we ensure that everything is washed at a hot temperature. Once laundering is complete, these items are neatly sealed in bags to maintain their cleanliness until the treatment is finalized.
  6. Complete Cleaning and Sanitization: After Clegg’s Pest Control completes its portion of the treatment, we perform a comprehensive cleaning of your entire home. Our meticulous approach ensures that all areas are sanitized and inspected for any remaining signs of bed bugs or roaches. If necessary, we provide touch-up cleaning services to guarantee a pest-free environment.
Bed Bug Services

At Lelia’s Cleaning Service, Inc., we understand the distress caused by bed bug infestations. That’s why we prioritize the eradication of these pests and the restoration of a healthy living space for you and your family. With our expertise and attention to detail, you can trust us to achieve optimal results.

If you require thorough bed bug cleanup services, contact us today. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you and ensure a bed bug-free environment in your home. Let Lelia’s Cleaning Service, Inc. restore your peace of mind with our exceptional service.

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