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Cleaning Service in Durham, NC

When you’re looking for a cleaning company in the Durham, NC, area, Lelia’s Cleaning Service, Inc. has got you covered. With over three decades of experience in professional cleaning, you can trust our company to do a thorough job every time. From commercial cleaning to residential cleaning and everything in between, we are happy to offer a wide range of services. If you have a messy room, home, or building as a whole that needs cleaning services, we’re glad to come to the rescue and make your space spotless again. Our team takes pride in getting the job done right, whether it’s a one-time cleaning or you need more regular cleaning services.

Commercial Cleaning Residential Cleaning

We know the difference that a clean space can make for you personally or professionally.

When your surroundings are clean, you feel clean inside and out, too. When you own a business or have your own home, people tend to judge a space by how clean it looks and feels. Having a clean home or office can make the difference between folks wanting to visit your place or choosing you for their business. As a result, professional cleaning services can make the difference between having a place where friends, family, and colleagues like to gather and having very few visitors. If you own a business, the level of cleaning in your office or retail space can determine how much money you make and how many customers or clients stay with your firm.

Cleaning Service in Durham, NC

Because of these truths, you’d be doing yourself and your business or home a favor by allowing us to give it a professional cleaning. Whether you have us clean your home, office, or newly constructed interior once in a blue moon or every week, we’re sure to leave the place looking spic and span for visitors, guests, and yourself!

At Leila’s Cleaning Service, Inc., our team is known for carrying out a wide range of cleaning services and tasks. In the past, we’ve been happy to clean before and after events. We also enjoy cleaning bed and breakfast establishments before guests come in and after guests have left. Additionally, we enjoy cleaning newly constructed buildings so that they are ready for the next tenant, business, or others to occupy a freshly cleaned space.

We also offer Passover cleaning, customized cleaning plans, and more. No matter what your space may look like now, it will look clean, fresh, and sanitized after we have had our team clean it up professionally. Our team of professionals gets into every little nook and cranny to make every inch of your space sparkle.

Cleaning Service in Durham

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Whether you want to set up a one-time cleaning service or create a customized cleaning plan to suit your unique needs, we’re happy to talk to you about how our services will be able to help your business or home. For all cleaning services, you can call us today to find out more about how we can get your place in top cleaning condition at (919) 956-8377!

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