Commercial Cleaning Services in Durham, NC

One of the best ways to have your business stand out from the crowd is by getting commercial cleaning services. As a cleaning company, Leila’s Cleaning Service, Inc. is happy to offer a range of cleaning services, including commercial cleanings. From one-time cleaning services to regular cleaning services, we serve a wide range of needs for a variety of commercial clients.

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Cleaning Crew

If you have just finished a new building, it’s important to have the place cleaned to get it in working order before its next step.

After all, no one wants to encounter bits of sawdust or paint on the floor. A professional commercial cleaning can create the polished first impression that gets people to rent, buy, or simply do business in a commercial space. No matter what the purpose of your commercial space is, professional cleaning is in order.

When you get a commercial cleaning, you are investing in your business in more ways than one. You are providing a comfortable, clean environment for your employees that makes them want to return to work and stay at your establishment. You also create an environment that your customers can trust. In the same way that you would never want to do business with someone who failed to properly wash their body, others will probably not trust a company that fails to get their offices, storefronts, and other properties professionally cleaned.

Although it might seem like professional commercial cleaning is optional, it has a huge impact on your business. As professional cleaners, we make it our life’s work to get your business space looking and feeling as clean as possible. We take pride in doing a thorough job every time. With no crack or crevice overlooked, you will be able to trust our company to clean every inch of your space to your satisfaction. Nothing feels better than coming into a freshly cleaned office or store.

2 ½ hour minimum clean time
2 person cleaning crew $100/hour
3 person cleaning crew $150/hour

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From new construction to office spaces to storefronts and beyond, it pays to get a professional cleaning. While your place might look clean on the surface, there are plenty of places that non-professional cleaners may miss. With our experience, we clean every single area until it is spotless and sanitized.

When you’re searching for the best commercial cleaning services in Durham, NC, look no further than Leila’s Cleaning Service, Inc. Call our office today to find out how we can best be of service to you!

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